I aspire to write beautifully about terrible things much like the world insists on showing us beautiful things in terrible places.

–C. S. Knight, 2015


Who is this blog for?

If you are an aspiring writer or simply an avid reader of dystopian fiction books looking to read something from outside of the commercial fiction mainstream, this blog is for YOU.

I publish a blog post every Sunday and centre on a variety of writing-related topics, including occasional updates about my own writer’s journey.

Who is my fiction for?

If you are interested in the dark side of human emotions and like to read dystopian novels, my fiction is for YOU.

Who is C. S. Knight?

I am a blogger and dystopian fiction author who writes mainly across the genres of dystopian YA and post-apocalyptic fantasy but I am no stranger to mashups.

Experimental fiction is NOT something that I am into and whilst I do break some rules when writing, I always try to keep within at least the major confines of the genres I write in.

Having lived in a dark fiction coma for several years, I am currently writing my first full-length novel, mainly under the cover of darkness.

Sadly forced to deliver a precarious tight-rope walk between my writing adventures and the ‘daily grind’, most of my work is written on weekends and in public spaces.

I live in South Wales (UK) with my partner, dark companion, and muse from where I blog about my writer’s journey as [DARKFICTIONCOMA] which is also the name of my indie publishing imprint.

Read you soon.