How to Create Buzz for Your Book? [Edited Post]

I didn’t publish my book on Amazon Kindle in 2017.

At the last minute I had a change of heart and decided to publish on Wattpad first. Expose the work to some beta readers. And boy, am I glad I did. There was a lot of good feedback and I will now be rewriting this novel for a final time, using the Snowflake Methods (because nothing else seems to work for me).

Also, I have marked this post as ‘[Edited Post]’ as I am NOT comfortable re-writing history. I was planning to publish. I made a trailer. Fear (and life) got in the way.

The following paragraph has been preserved from the original post (published in 2017). I am leaving this (and the trailer) in place as this could still be helpful to writers looking to create some buzz around their work. I will make a new trailer once I am ready to publish as intended.

So, I tried my hand at making a book trailer using public domain images and Creative Commons CC0 licensed videos (which can be used for commercial purposes and don’t require attribution). The soundtrack comes from Youtube’s creator studio and is one of the tracks that are attribution free. I know that it’s not the most professional-looking trailer the world has ever seen but, for a limited budget production, I would say that it does the job.


5 thoughts on “How to Create Buzz for Your Book? [Edited Post]

    1. Thanks so much. I am still in editing hell. But having a deadline that is non negotiable really helps. Glad you liked the trailer. Yes, it’s quite incredible what one can put together on the net. Sadly Stupeflix is going to close down next year 😦


      1. I read your comments and thought I might help you with creating and editing videos. Since I was also using Stupeflix, after they’ve decided to close down for good, I had to choose another platform. After days of research I’ve found a new tool called Picovico. I hope it will help you.

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