Ray Bradbury’s #1 Top Tip for A Killer Storyline

Thank you for always supporting our troops.

This week, the endless wisdom of Ray Bradbury and his essays on writing have truly been giving me strength and the ability to carry on with my writing. I am immensely proud to say that I am only about 16,000 words away from completing my second draft of The Dream Parade {Part One} sporting a seriously improved storyline. Finally, I am fully unstuck and ready to cross the finish line on my project. And all just because I decided to follow this beautiful piece of advice and decided to follow my heroine and her innermost desire! Have a beautiful Sunday all! And good luck with getting unstuck on your own writing projects.

6 thoughts on “Ray Bradbury’s #1 Top Tip for A Killer Storyline

  1. Good advice, C.S. I read the description of your novel, with the coming deadline of getting it published by this summer. It sounds like you’re self-publishing, is that correct? I hope it goes smoothly, and you meet your deadline. Best of luck!! I’m rooting for you. 🎉


    1. Thank you, Mandie! I feel really privileged to know that I’ve got someone in my corner (WHOOP!!). Correct, I am going indie! It’s the only way for me. Can’t wait for the highs and lows of Authorpreneurship. Been planning all this for a long time. Thanks for all your support in recent months. I shall mention the occasional update on my blog. Regarding the publication date, I’ve got my sights set on August. 😀

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      1. Amazing! There’s this vibe of excitement from a lot of authors as they get close to completing their novels. Is that a spring thing? I don’t know. I’m more at the stage of the editing where the more I do, the further I feel I am from the end. So it’s really great to hear all these stories from authors of being so close to the end. Gives me something to be excited about until I get to the point where I can see the end too.
        Happy editing, and I look forward to your updates!

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      2. Thanks! Hmm…don’t know if it’s a Spring thing but it’s definitely an author thing. 🙂
        The endless agonising over material in the editing process is an author thing, too. I used to be a lot like that…that’s why I have been writing for 20 years but never (I mean NEVER) even been close to publishing or even showing my writing to anybody. Blogging has made me more confident and I have also found a local Authorpreneur group who keep me on track. 😀

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      3. You just gave me a whole new reason to cheer you on. 😃 So glad I get to be here to watch you cross the finish line.

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