Top 6 Mistakes People Make Self Publishing a Book!

The six most common mistakes people make when self-publishing a book; usefully summarised. A great reminder from my favourite Texan in Tokyo. Make sure to avoid these!

7 thoughts on “Top 6 Mistakes People Make Self Publishing a Book!

  1. Thanks for sharing this video, C.S. I don’t currently plan on going the self-publishing route, but I’m not opposed to it either. A few people in my writing group have either self-published their book, or helped other people self-publish, so I find myself reviewing tips like this whenever I can.
    The tip about the cover is so important. Even though people might think they don’t judge a book by its cover, the brain is always processing information and forming quick judgments. Something as simple as determining which genre a book is in can be obtained from a cover, and your eyes will wander onto the next book without even realizing a judgment has been made. I find that a lot of self-published books don’t properly convey the genre through the cover either.
    I had watched a few videos from Texan in Tokyo before, and always intended to watch more, I just never did. I didn’t realize that she had self-published some comic books. I popped over to their YouTube channel and was sad to see that they’ve decided not to make any more videos though.

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    1. Hi Mandie. Yes, I was shocked to hear they were leaving youtube. What am I going to do with my Sunday mornings now?! Texan in Tokyo used to be my favourite thing to watch over breakfast in bed. *sigh*
      However, I wish them well and hope they leave their channel up for a very long time as I don’t mind going back to old episodes on occasion. I stumbled over the comic book episodes (there are at least 2 I know of) by accident but had to share! Especially now that they won’t be posting any new material. I agree regards the cover. I make my own covers but I used to work as a freelance print designer, so there is some skill involved. I have also been carefully researching book covers in the respective genre I work in for the reasons you have outlined in your comment. I think that if you want to make money from your books you have to make sure they look professional. They need to compare well against other books on the market.


    1. Thanks lynettedavis. Just to set the record straight though: they are not my points. The video is shared from the Texan in Tokyo youtube channel as stated in the description. But I am glad you found them helpful. 😀


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