The Sweet Taste of Failure: 24 Hours and No Novella

And so the experiment concludes. Having written 20357 words in 24 hours, I can’t say that I am exactly sorry to find that I don’t have a novella but a robust, detailed outline for a novel on my hands.

Having forced myself to keep typing for 24 hours (even when it seemed as though I was running out of ideas), I got to experience the power of letting a story take on a life of its own.

No regrets, there.

Whilst I can’t deny that the last 12 hours of the experiment were increasingly painful , I would recommend this experiment to any aspiring writer who has yet got to find out what it means when your characters are talking to you.

Over the course of the weekend I…

…wrote more words than I ever have in one sitting before.

…outlined a complete novel in a way that I had thought impossible before.

…learned a bunch of valuable lessons that I will be sharing with my readers for free.

…let go of my internal editor and just wrote down what came into my head.

…gained confidence as a writer and started to believe in my ability to be a successful authorpreneur.

…came up with a new exciting story in the cyberpunk genre (one of my faves).

…put writing before housework, job, and other daily duties that make me feel trapped and uninspired.

…learned about my writing style (I am a slow writer who needs to feel what she’s writing).

…figured out that the middle of the day is the worst time for me to be writing.

…realised that early morning and late afternoon or evening are my creative peak times.

I DIDN’T write a novella in 24 hours. But I am feeling PUMPED (!) and I am a lot closer to publishing my first full-length novel than I ever have been so far.

Now it’s time to re-evaluate, adjust my writing plans and just go for it. I know that I can do it.

I can, I will and I must.

Image Attribution:By New York Zoological Society (Picture on Early Office Museum) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

3 thoughts on “The Sweet Taste of Failure: 24 Hours and No Novella

  1. 20357 is really really really good for a day’s worth of writing. Congrats!

    I write better in the morning too. That seems to be the time when my inner critic (and the house) is more cooperative. It gets difficult to write midday for me.

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