Writing Tips From Stephen King

Whilst I am wrestling with my #24-Hour-Novella, I am handing over to Stephen King for this week’s writing tips. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Writing Tips From Stephen King

  1. “To develop as a writer, you must be reading books constantly. Here are a few suggestions: [names his books]…you get the idea.” Lol that was the best part.

    Anyway, I hope your writing day is going well!

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    1. Yes!! That was my favourite part, too. Thanks for your support. The first 12 hours went rather well the last 12 hours were agony but I am probably going to end up with just over 20,000 words…not that I am anywhere near the end of my story…a novel rather than a novella after all but I shall explain all this in my project report…this has been an education. Xxx

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